How to Fix error: Unable to upgrade connection: Container not found in WordPress?

The error “Unable to upgrade connection: Container not found” generally occurs in a WordPress setup running on a containerization platform like Kubernetes or Docker. This error typically indicates a problem with the container setup or a particular service not running as expected.

Here’s how to go about troubleshooting and fixing it:

  1. Check your container status

    The first step would be to check the status of your containers. If a container has crashed or isn’t running, it can’t be found, leading to the error message. For Docker, you can use the command docker ps -a to list all containers and their status. For Kubernetes, use kubectl get pods.

  2. Examine logs

    Once you’ve confirmed the status of your containers, check the logs of the WordPress container. This might give you some clues about what’s going wrong. With Docker, use docker logs [container-id], replacing [container-id] with the ID of your WordPress container. In Kubernetes, you would use kubectl logs [pod-name].

  3. Ensure correct configuration

    Make sure that your WordPress container is properly configured. For example, check that it’s connected to the right database with the correct credentials and that it’s using the correct version of PHP.

  4. Restart your containers

    If you’re still seeing the error, try restarting your containers. For Docker, you can use docker restart [container-id], and for Kubernetes, you can delete the pod (it will be recreated if it’s managed by a Deployment or a StatefulSet).

  5. Check your container platform

    If you’re running Kubernetes, there might be a problem with your Ingress controller or Service configuration. Make sure the Ingress or Service is correctly routing traffic to your WordPress container.

Remember, troubleshooting containerized environments can be complex, and these steps are just starting points. The exact issue could vary depending on your specific setup.

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