How to Start with an Empty Theme in WordPress?

Starting with an empty theme in WordPress allows you to create a completely customized website from scratch. This approach is perfect if you want to avoid pre-designed templates and create your unique design.

To start with an empty theme, you might want to use a “starter” or “barebones” theme. These themes provide a clean slate to start with, containing only the necessary base files and minimal styling.

  1. Choosing a Starter Theme: Some popular starter themes include _Underscores (also known as s), UnderStrap, and Bones. These themes are intentionally minimalist and designed to serve as a starting point for your custom theme.

  2. Installation: After selecting your starter theme, install it just like any other WordPress theme. You can download the theme, then go to your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload Theme, select your downloaded file, and click ‘Install Now’. After installation, activate the theme.

  3. Customization: Now, your website is using an empty theme. It will likely look very basic because starter themes have minimal styling. This is your canvas, where you can start building your custom design. This requires knowledge of PHP, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, as well as an understanding of WordPress theme structure.

  4. Child Theme: Consider creating a child theme from your starter theme. This allows you to make changes without affecting the original theme, making updates and changes easier to manage.

Remember, starting with an empty theme requires significant web development skills. If you’re not experienced in coding, consider working with a developer or learning more about WordPress development.

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