Why is WordPress Putting “e2808e” at the End of My URL?

If you’re noticing the string “e2808e” appearing at the end of your URLs in WordPress, you’re likely dealing with an issue related to Unicode characters.

Specifically, “e2808e” is the URL-encoded form of the “LEFT-TO-RIGHT MARK” (LRM) Unicode character. This invisible character is used in texts to make sure characters are read from left to right. If you’re using a bidirectional language (like Arabic or Hebrew), this character might inadvertently be added to the end of your URLs.

This could happen if you’re copying and pasting content from a different source, like a word processor, that includes these special characters.

To resolve this issue, you have a few options:

  1. Manual Removal: The most straightforward approach is to manually edit the URL, removing the trailing “e2808e”. You can do this from the post editor by clicking ‘Edit’ next to the permalink.

  2. Text Cleaning: If you’re pasting text from another source, consider using a plain text editor (like Notepad or TextEdit) to paste and then copy the text. This should remove any invisible special characters.

  3. Database Query: If the issue is widespread across your site, a more efficient solution might be running a SQL query on your database to replace all instances of this string. Always back up your database before running a query.

  4. Plugin Use: Use a plugin designed to clean up content, like “Remove UTF-8 Byte Order Mark”, which could help remove these types of characters.

Remember, always back up your website before making any major changes to your content or database to avoid potential data loss.

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